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Dr Nanthaporn Prae Seributra




Dr Nanthaporn J. Seributra, also known as Dr. Prae, is a respected educator, education technologist, change maker, and advocate for equitable access to quality education. She firmly believes that everyone should have the right to access quality education that meets their individual needs.

Dr Prae has studied in diverse learning environments across several countries, including Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, and the UK. Her global educational background has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the importance of quality education and its transformative power.

Dr Prae's mission is to use her expertise and knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of others through meaningful education. She believes that technology plays a vital role in bridging the gap in access to education and that by embracing it, we can transform traditional learning methods and make education more accessible to all learners.


Dr. Prae is currently based in Singapore and enjoys travelling around the region to further her educational endeavours.

Dr Nanthaporn Prae Seributra


Early in her career, Dr Prae worked as an early childhood teacher in an international school. In 2007, she became a Foundation Manager for the Starfish Country Home School Foundation, a non-government organisation in Thailand that provides education, scholarships, grants, and other services for children in need. She also served as the School Principal of Starfish Country Home School, a kindergarten and primary school operated by the foundation.

In 2012, she founded "LifePrep Foundation" which operates education programmes for marginalised and migrant children in Thailand.


Dr Prae worked as an Education Development Executive for Apple Inc. in Thailand and Singapore for three years. She is now the CEO of "Starfish Education", which aims to promote access to quality education in Thailand. It is a part of Firetree Trust, a private trust that exists to support work that creates long-term positive change in communities in Southeast Asia.


She is a founder of  "Starfish Academy", a professional and skill development institute for educators and parents and "Starfish Labz", an online learning platform for parents, educators and learners to equip children with 21st-century skills in Thailand. She is the creator of the Starfish Maker programme, a makerspace initiative now available in over 400 schools across Thailand.

Her expertise is in strategic technology integration planning, focusing on educational leadership, curriculum development, technology pedagogy and instructional design based on local context. Dr Prae works extensively with educators on constructivist pedagogy, especially in Project Based Learning approach. She advises educators and consultants on education administration, technology integration, professional learning and accessibility. 


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