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"Developing Innovation Skills Through Project Based Learning", the 15th Youth Congress on

I have had a great experience sharing my talk on "Developing Innovation Skills Through Project Based Learning" at the 15th Youth Congress on Information Technology, Manila, Philippines (Y4iT). It was a pleasure to speak to a cheerful and curious group of 5,000 university students, educators and faculties from all over the Philippines.

"Emotional Intelligence skill differentiates us from machines, robots and other AIs. It is a crucial skill to have when you are required to work with many people in various context and to navigate unknown changes. Students need academic learning and Emotional Intelligence to succeed in the 21st century. Additionally, in a highly conflicted world, mindfulness, empathy and compassion skills are vital to building peaceful self and societies."

"Our jobs will be replaced by robots, AIs and machines. We need to prepare for the ever changing time. We need transferable skills to survive and thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We need to be equipped with higher level skills that cannot be replaced by them."

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